Sacha Harrison is a freelance writer specialising in travel and has contributed to companies such as Original Travel, Antilophia and Country & Town House. She has travelled extensively across Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

After training at the London School of Journalism, Sacha worked in the fashion industry for clients including Matches Fashion and Allegra Hicks, before discovering a love of the travel industry working at luxury tour operator, cazenove+loyd.

Now a travel editor, award-winning copywriter and writer, Sacha contributes to luxury travel companies, hotel representatives and various online magazines. She is constantly on the lookout for her next adventure, with recent trips including Brazil and Peru. When she is not travelling, Sacha is based in London with her husband and their sausage dog, Nimrod.

Sacha is available for commissions and launches for website projects, website content, brochures and editorial.